Japanese Art Sound Archive: January 7th – April 14th, 2018 Material Exhibition


Japanese Art Sound Archive: January 7th – April 14th, 2018 Material Exhibition

June 25th-29th, 2018 Exhibition Room in University Hall, Tokyo University of the Arts

Kosai Hori, MEMORY-PRACTICE (Reading-Affair), 1977 / 2018 Video
Ken-ichiro Ina, record, 1973 / 2018 Sound recording
Ken-ichiro Ina, staying / walking, 1972 / 2018 Cassette tape
Fumio Takamizawa, Number of Sheep Who Jumped over the Fence, 1974 / 2018 Sound recording / Cassette tape
Hitoshi Nomura, Operating Records with Tune, Intensity and Time in Mind, 1973 / 2018 Video
Tetsuya Watanabe, Climax No.1, 1973 / 2018 Sound recording
Morihiro Wada, Discourse on the Method in Cognition No.1, Self Musical, 1973 / 2018 Sound recording
Morihiro Wada, An Introduction to Methods from Cognition No.III: Mr. Nobody, Monument in Words, 1973 / 2018 Cassette tape
Great White Light LP 1971 / 2018 Record


Text|Kosai Hori / Ken-ichiro Ina / Fumio Takamizawa / Hitoshi Nomura / Tetsuya Watanabe / Morihiro Wada / Minoru Hatanaka / Tomotaro Kaneko
Talk|Kei Hirakura / Minoru Hatanaka / Tomotaro Kaneko
Exhibition Materials|Tomotaro Kaneko / Ryo Matsuoka / Chiho Oka
Photograph|Ryo Fujishima Leaflet Design|Tadao Kawamura

Talk Guest Profile
Kei Hirakura
Kei Hirakura was born in 1977. He specializes in Art Theory. He is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Urban Innovation at Yokohama National University. He is currently researching the operation of perception and action in the creation of art. He has authored Godard’s Method(s) (published by Inscript: the book was honored at the 2nd Awards of the Association for Studies of Culture and Representation), American Avant-garde Movies (Anthology, published by Shinwasha), and numerous other publications.


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