Fumio Takamizawa, Number of Sheep Who Jumped over the Fence [excerpt] , 1974


The rules of this game (artwork) are as follows.

1. In bed before sleep, set a microphone near the mouth and keep a tape recorder operating. Count and record numbers from 1 as far as staying awake.

2. Replay the recorded tape, and while listening, write down both the counted numbers and their lap times in minutes and seconds. The lap times begin from 0’00” with the starting count 1.

Side A 1974. 3. 8
Side B 1974. 4. 28

Photography|Taku Yada
Design|Akira Matsuoka

Edition Cococara / Japanese Art Sound Archive
Published in 2018 by Art & Space Cococara ECS-002

Fumio Takamizawa Biography

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