Morihiro Wada, An Introduction to Methods from Cognition No.III: Mr. Nobody, Monument in Words [excerpt] , 1973


When a transition from one articulated time and space to another begins, language is generated as a factor for the first time. When language needs a certain meaning, it means that a beautiful misunderstanding of communication has already begun.

I can’t do anything but see a discrepancy between what is actually expressed and me. The greater the discrepancy is…, there is…

Side A From Morihiro Wada to Hideo Yamamoto
Side B From Fukumoto Shigeki to Morihiro Wada

Photography|Taku Yada
Design|Akira Matsuoka

Edition Cococara / Japanese Art Sound Archive
Published in 2018 by Art & Space Cococara ECS-003

Morihiro Wada Biography

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